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Sofa Cleaning

Daily cleaning of dental clinics / medical center is important to help maintain both a hygienically clean facility and professional appearance. With the large amount of people that walk through a dental clinic / medical center doors on a daily basis regular cleaning is also a good way to maintain hygiene.

At T&T Home Detailed Cleaning Center we provide a select range of steam cleaning service that are ideal for effective and efficient cleaning in dental and orthodontal clinics. Typical items cleaned by Duplex products in dental facilities are:

• Dental Chairs / Surgeries

• Waiting Room Surfaces

• Efficiently clean all textile upholstery like

   chairs and sofas

• General Equipment


At the press of a button Duplex steamers use  +170ºC to +190ºC superheated 94% dry steam and 8 bar pressure to clean, sanitise and deodorise both hard and textile surfaces. Steam is especially great for freshening leather dental chairs and fabric chairs.

Duplex® 180° 8 Bar Steaming ( Dust mites,bed bugs and bacteria killing)

Furthermore, Ultra-Violet light ONLY sanitizes the very top of the mattress or sofa surface where the light hits. Dust Mites, Bacteria, Germs, and Viruses live deep down in the body of the sofa and crawl to the surface as they sense the body heat of someone lying down.

The Steam Vapor molecules are smaller and hotter than regular steam. These Steam vapors penetrate deeper, and clean and sanitize better. This very highly heated steam is 94% dry; leaving little moisture after cleaning. It kills dust mites, bed bugs, and all other pathogens instantly. Extremely SAFE to use, and uses NO CHEMICALS.

How It's Done?

The JetSteam Maxi uses +170ºC to +190ºC superheated 94% dry steam and 8 bar pressure to emulsify soiling, thermally decontaminate and breakdown odours. Our supersteamers do not produce just steam, but supersteam. Supersteam is superheated, dry and consistent steam that cleans better than normal steam. It can penetrate deep into sofas and kills all contaminates instantly on contact and then is extracted out.


Duplex® +170 to +190ºC superheated 94% dry steam to

kill bacteria inside the mattress, sofa, pillows etc.