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Why do we need to clean our rug?

To protect and maintain your investment, it is imperative to have professional area rug cleaners to clean your rug as part of a regular upkeep routine. Even if there are no visible stains, spots or other wear and tear, regular area rug cleaning will keep your rug in optimal shape.If properly cared for, your rug can be a treasured heirloom to be passed down and enjoyed for generations to come.

The old rug cleaning method

Back in the old day, when it comes to cleaning the oriental rug, people had a chariot with two horses pulling the cart. They took the rugs to a fountain in south east Tehran called Cheshmeh Ali for dusting (beating by sticks) and cleaning in the river. They did not use chemicals to wash the rugs with. Instead, they used a kind of soapy roof, amole, or the root of the soap plant.

Let the beating begin! ( dusting )
Rugs being washed near a river
After washing, rinsing and extracting water by hand squeezing they put the rugs on the rocks under the sun to dry out naturally. Everything was very simple but efficient. There was no dryer, no wringer, and no centrifuge machines, but the way they did it, worked pretty well.
Why TNT Group?

Our Rug Washing Process: RiverRugTreatment

Every rug needs to be cleaned very gently to prolong its lifetime. We use a straw made hand brush to clean any rug instead of heavy duty machines. All work is done BY HAND. Every rug is hand-washed individually with attention to detail and care. This method is more time consuming but yields the very best results. Two rugs are never washed simultaneously, never share the same unclean water – eliminating cross contamination problems


Our Difference:

  • • We specialize in rug cleaning
  • • All rug washing is done by hand.
  • • Only use environmentally safe rug agents
  • • Free pickup & delivery.
  • • Provide free in-home estimates.
  • • No charge spot cleaning or moving furniture.
  • • Your area rugs are cleaned at our facility.
  • • Safe & non-toxic cleaning process.


We clean all styles of Rugs - oriental rugs, silk rugs, Chinese Rugs, Turkish Rugs, Moroccan Rugs, Navajo Rugs, custom rugs, handmade rugs, machine made rugs, shag rugs, natural dye rugs & more.

And all Material - Oriental, Silk, Cotton, Sisal, Karastan, Tapastry, synthetic rugs & more.

All-Carpets prides itself with a long and respected tradition in the field of rug cleaning and our experts are knowledgeable in the ways of area rug cleaning. Our expertly trained technicians begin the cleaning process by identifying fibers and dyestuff so that they are sure that the cleaning method applied is the very best for your product.


7-Step Rug Washing Process
1 Inspection

The rug is measured and the rug dyes/fiber colors are inspected for fading or color bleeding. We also look for pre-existing conditions such as:

  • •Worn/Missing Fringe
  • •Loose Binding
  • •Pile Distortion
  • •Moth/Insect Damage
  • •Dye Bleeding
  • •Dry Rot

2 Rug Dusting

Settlement of dust, sand, or grit lay at the foundation of your rug and reduce the life of a oriental carpet by causing premature wear. The rug is dusted to bring out these particles. An extremely important step in cleaning rugs, it cannot be preformed in your home, by a commercial wall-to-wall carpet cleaner.

3 Hand-Wash

The rug is soaked front and back with plenty of clean, cold water. An organic rug shampoo is applied. The rug is then carefully hand-washed multiple times in our wash pit and placed through our high-volume water extractor. All work is gently done by hand to insure that no damage is caused.

Deodorizing ( optional ) If your oriental or area rug has a stubborn odor, ask for our after-wash deodorizing treatment. Our special formula attacks the source of the odor and leaves your rug with a fresh, clean scent
4 Fringe

We hand clean the rug fringes. We will never bleach your rugs’ fringes (snow white fringes). Bleach will deteriorate the fringe fiber.

5 Complete Rinse

Safely and gently – the rug is rinsed front and back to remove the remaining soap, contaminants and particles completely. We make sure no residue of any cleaning or spotting agents is left in the rug.

6 Drying

The clean water is extracted from the carpet using an extraction vacuum (only time a machine is used). It is carefully hung to dry in a temperature controlled room – filtered air drying conditions, with no allowance for growth of mold or bacteria. This process takes between 24-48 hours depending on the rug.

7 Inspect & Wrap

The rug will be wrapped in brown craft paper for protection against dust and environmental soils. A friendly call will be made to you informing you that the rug is ready for pick. If we pickup your rugs or if you prefer or schedule a delivery, we will schedule your appointment. When your rug is delivered, it will be placed exactly where you desire. We will move furniture for no additional charge.