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Chronic Otitis

Chronic otitis media caused by Dust mite Allergies?
Chronic otitis media can be caused by an allergy to the house dust mites. Doctors have recognized that the risk exists and that children, suffering from allergy, can be vulnerable to symptoms of temporary deafness cause by this condition. The risk of untreated glue ear is in social, educational development and self esteem.

The nose is connected to the ear by the Eustachian tube. The function of this tube is to help balance the air pressure on the inside of the eardrum. It also drains away any fluids produced by the ear itself. The tube can become dysfunctional when blocked by mucus from the nose, causing the air in the middle ear to be trapped. This air is replaced by a stick secretion, which adheres to the small bones that are essential for hearing. This effect may lead to degrees of deafness. The condition is referred to as ‘glue ear’. In very young children noticeable scratching or pulling at their ears may be a symptom of glue ear. It is important to identify an allergy to house dust mites so that it can be dealt with in the appropriate manner.