T&T Home Detailed Cleaning Center :

provides high-end deep cleaning service-oriented, our allergies prevention and soothe sensitive solution is remarkable effectively, as you experience a truly clean, no longer worry about bacteria and dust mites.

Our services included :

Using power nozzle clear all the allergens like dust mites, dust mites droppings, fungus, etc from your mattress thoroughly. In addition, we also use 180 °super heated, 8 bar high pressure professional steamer for removing stubborn dirt plot, and kill bacteria, dust mites, allergens to keep your home hygiene with high standards.

Our mission:

As Hong Kong's air pollution is serious, most patients with allergic rhinitis have permanent damage to the respiratory tract inhalation allergens, in addition to our family might have pet hair or fleas in our home. Our code missions are, with reasonable prices, clear charges, providing new household cleaning experience.

HR Concepts:

We hire, we train and we retain! T&T knows the best detailed cleaning solution needs to be done by the best, professional, nice specialists, so that we provide different typical training for our specialists regularly.

Sterilization medical cleaning system *Effective solution for allergies

  • Germicidal UV + Rainbow® System - certified asthma & allergy friendly™ by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.
  • Duplex® - hospitalized grading equipment,  produce +170 to +190ºC superheated 94% dry steam to kill bacteria.
  • KÄRCHER® - a powerful German spray extraction unit designed for deep cleaning upholstery and mattress.
  • Our mattress cleaning treatment is recommended by doctors to assist in allergy management such as asthma, eczema, rhinitis as allergic patients are often sensitive to dust and dust mites.
  • Our Professional Cleaners are highly skilled and equipped with the most high-tech equipment ensuring the highest level of productivity and efficiency.
  • Baby & Pet safe eco friendly solutions.
  • All instruments and supplies have to undergo a comprehensive disinfection measures  to ensure environmental friendly and hygiene standards