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Sofa Cleaning
Kitchen sink $150




The kitchen sink should be one of the cleanest surfaces of our home. Unfortunately, it's an easy one to neglect and simply rinsing it out until it appears clean is not going to rid it of germs and bacteria.
T&T Home Detailed Cleaning Center can get your kitchen sink sanitized and gleaming — without the use of harmful chemicals or cleaners but the superheated steaming.

Range hood $500-$700

Your range's hood performs some important functions: venting smoke, grease and odors from your kitchen while you cook. But all that grease and smoke, along with food spatter, is sure to build up over time, leaving your range hood looking dull and dingy.

T&T cleaning do the range hood cleaning professionally for you!
( Included: whole outer surface, oil tank, net, interior fan )

Oven $800-1500( Please contact us for an estimate! )

Everyone hates cleaning their oven – shifting the baked on grease and spilt food can be a real challenge. There are plenty of strong oven cleaning sprays on the market, but they are often quite toxic and fill your kitchen with a strong chemical smell. Using a steamer instead is a much more eco-friendly method and doesn’t produce any nasty smells. We also have a scraper tool which is also useful for shifting layers of burnt-on grime.
Remark: For extremely serious situation, there is no 100% removed guarantee but obvious effect can be seen

Barbecue $800-1500( Please contact us for an estimate! )




To clean your barbecue, treat it in the same way we would your oven, using the steamer’s wire brush tools and scraper tools to remove any stubborn grease and burnt-on food.
Remark: For extremely serious situation, there is no 100% removed guarantee but obvious effect can be seen.

Duplex® 180° 8 Bar Steaming

The Steam Vapor molecules are smaller and hotter than regular steam. These Steam vapors penetrate deeper, and clean and sanitize better. This very highly heated steam is 94% dry; leaving little moisture after cleaning. It kills dust mites, bed bugs, and all other pathogens instantly. Extremely SAFE to use, and uses NO CHEMICALS.

How It's Done?

The JetSteam Maxi uses +170ºC to +190ºC superheated 94% dry steam and 8 bar pressure to emulsify soiling, thermally decontaminate and breakdown odours. Our supersteamers do not produce just steam, but supersteam. Supersteam is superheated, dry and consistent steam that cleans better than normal steam.


Duplex® +170 to +190ºC superheated 94% dry steam to

kill bacteria inside